Quality Assurance In Lebanon

Quality Assurance

At CircleTechs we understand the importance of delivering High Quality services.

That is why any application programming or software development process is combined with Quality Assurance qualified team involvement during the whole software life cycle.

Our Quality Assurance services includes:

Requirement validation, software verification, writing test cases and test plans.

Functionality, usability, performance, look & feel and complete software life cycle testing using problem tracking and reporting software.

Regression and smoke testing, as well as reported issues vetting and investigation before and developer or coding time spent.

Test results reporting.

White box and black box testing based on the software requirements and structure.

Compatibility testing across different platforms and browsers.

Our expertise on software testing helped us so far in more than testing the current applications and bug shooting, we can do more add-on on the software how to make it better for the end user and what functionality are good to have as feature requests in coordination with Projects managers.

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